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Dredging industry, on- and off shore, petrochemical industry, food industry, machinery building, mining, power plants, energy generation, oil & gas.

  1. Machining on a (sub)contracting basis of mid to large scale metal constructions (up to 1600 mm in length and 2000 mm in diameter) of:
    • mechanical parts and components,
    • one-offs or production runs.
    This normally involves items with complex geometry and tight tolerances that are often difficult to manufacture and frequently require multiple machining operations. We also process work from third parties to bring the items up to the required specifications.
  2. Fast track design and manufacturing of valve and valve components in standard and hard to obtain materials to client and project specification including hydrostatic- , pneumatic -, high pressure gas-, fugitive emisssion-, elevated and low temperature testing.
  3. Manufacture of small to large items built up from numerous components which demands a combination of precision welding and construction work and precision machining.
  4. Breakdown engineering; that is to say, repairing and refurbishment of small and large mechanical components and sub-systems of the kind that we produce, including dismantling and re-assembly.
Emergency jobs can be carried out when agreed upon by both parties involved.

We can offer tailor made solutions to standard and non-standard situations in a matter of weeks.